Art’s Answer presents news stories alongside artworks as a form of open-ended interpretive commentary. This website was created based on the belief that visual creations from individual artists can add another dimension of thought to difficult issues and allow for a more well-rounded discussion.

Creating visual comparisons between art and news on the homepage constructs an aesthetic cognitive exercise for each person who happens to stumble upon Art’s Answer, as they uncover for themselves what sculpture might have in common with Obama’s fiscal policies or what paintings can say about the problems in the Middle East.

In honor of the near-impossible journalistic standard of objectivity, all the text for news posts come from news organizations (not blogs), with their information broken down and simplified but always attributed. For artwork posts the text is only comprised of relating quotes or a mini-history lesson, that way there’s no absolutely no opinion. Choosing stories to cover in the first place already kicks most of the objectivity out the door.

If you’re an artist or a journalist interested in voicing your opinion or submitting your work to the site, please see our Collaborate page and get in touch.

Suggestions? Comments?

Let us know at artsanswer@gmail.com.

Get art and news updates by following us on Twitter @artsanswer.


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