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The international nonprofit Non-Violence Project, embarked on a public art project in 2011 that brought interpretations of Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s gun with a knotted barrel to more than 30 places throughout the world, as part of their Knot-Violence Exhibition Tour. The statues are designed by public figures and local communities to raise awareness about gun violence.

The knotted gun was originally designed as a memorial to John Lennon after his death. Yoko Ono asked Reuterswärd to create a tribute to John and his vision of a more peaceful world.


“While creating my interpretation of the knotted gun symbol, I thought back to ‘Imagine’ and the words “living as one” as both John and I were devoted to the idea that we can work together to achieve world peace and eliminate the violence and the suffering in this world.

As I have often said a dream we dream alone is just a dream, a dream we dream together is reality.”

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd


According to Stardust Modern Design, the knotted gun was initially placed at Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park, just across the street from where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived.

In 1988 a bronze sculpture of the knotted gun was placed outside the United Nations headquarters in New York. Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Laureate stated the following:

“The sculpture Non-Violence has not only endowed the United Nations with a cherished work of art; it has enriched the consciousness of humanity with a powerful symbol that encapsulates, in a few simple curves, the greatest prayer of man; that which asks not for victory, but for peace.”

1316685210-the-knot-violence-campaign_839980 1316685210-the-knot-violence-campaign_839979

Images via Shawna Renee PhotographyDemotix, and Fotocommunity.


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